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May 22, 2013

Gilded Planters

Hey Blogland! Here I am again posting about my soon (not soon enough) to be front yard. The rocks are just about all gone. Our new friend showed up Monday with his truck again. All that is left is a small pile off to the side under some ivy vines. They were hiding there. (tisk) He is supposed to come back again today for the small remaining amount. I swear though once they start pulling out rock, the rock regenerates itself & suddenly there is more! I have nothing against all things magical, as you well know. Just, not magically regenerating rocks in my yard please!

A while back I purchased some Odessa Calla Lily bulbs & have been eager to place them in soil so the suckers can start growing. The end result will look like this:

These are just wickedly awesome in my book.

The other day, I showed you all some spray paint I purchased during my expensive trip to Home Depot. Don't get me wrong, I got some great deals. But taking the Hubs with me was a bad idea cost wise. lol  Anyway, paint:

Old funky planters the Hubs was gonna throw away:

He is no longer allowed to decide what is trash & what is not. I mean really, with me living with him all these years, he did not think I could give these nasty planters new life? Geez. 

The first can I opened:

Luckily, spray nozzles are inter changeable.
Then the Hubs had no idea were he hid the rubber gloves during the move so my finger ended up looking like I had the Midas Touch!

I still have paint under that sucker.

Ok, back to project save the planters. I sprayed them. First upside down.

Then right side up to get the upper edges.

The Hubs must have somehow had his mind erased cause he also forgot that I photograph everything!  Before I had a chance to pull my cell phone from my pocket, he filled in the soil, over the small rocks I placed in the bottom of the planters for drainage. Was going to use plastic half gallon milk jugs but lo & behold, he forgot I was saving them too & threw them away. Ugh! 

Those are some of the smaller rocks we saved (& that didn't get discarded). I added some of those to the bottoms of the planters before adding gardening soil.

Added these & watered them well.

I am so eager for these bad boys to pop up. So glad I didn't start them sooner cause last week we have temps below freezing. A lot of people I know had to start all over with the plants they had started. Momma Nature can be fickle like that.

Here we are. Calla Lilies planted. These will go in the front once it is ready for placement.

The Hubs has started tilling the clay like soil to get it ready for mixing with the 800 lbs of top soil I purchased.  I sent him back to the store yesterday for another 400 lbs to add to the original 400 lbs I got on Sunday. 

There stands Neptune in the front. Why the Hubs placed him there before he gets his make over is beyond me. Also you can see the hideous gas meter that needs hidden. What a project this has turned out to be but a project that will be so well worth it in the end. 

I leave you with a pic of my boy Ramses asleep in his poppa's recliner. The Hubs is like the Minnie Pearl of recliners. He refuses to remove the tag from the chair I bought him last year to celebrate our buying the house.

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  1. Hey, I just wanted to say that I grabbed your blog button and added it to my blog. (Salem's Creations).

    Great project you have there. :) Those lilies are beautiful. I've never seen them black!

    1. Thanks for adding Wiccan Make Some Too to your blog button collection. I think that is wickedly awesome! The lilies look black but are actually a very dark purple. I am glad you like them. I had a mini moment of ecstasy when I first spotted them myself!

  2. I am so glad I found you again. I have missed you. I LOVE your calla lilies. I haven't seen them that color before. Love the saga of the rocks ;)

    1. Awwwww Patty. You have given me a warm & fuzzy feeling. It is so nice to be missed! I have missed all of my Blogland friends as well. The saga of the rocks is hopefully almost at an end.

  3. Black lilies! Who'd a thunk? Your revamped yard will be gorgeous. What are you planting besides the black lilies? Purple would look cool. Glad I found your blog!