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May 18, 2013

The Demise of a Rock Garden

Hey Blogland! I have had so much happen in my life since I was last in Blogland full force. One of the big things was that we bought a house up here in the frozen tundra. Yay house! The house is not really what we wanted. We were hoping to buy a fixer upper. You know, a handy man's dream. Instead all we saw up here were handy man's nightmares. I'm talkin' houses that even freaked this Witch out! Now that is some scary stuff then.

Ok, so we got this house.

Not a bad place for the Hubs & me. But look at that front lawn! See it? No? Cause there is no front lawn! It is all river rock. River rock in the front & more river rock on the side. Ewww! Our neighbors have told us that the previous owner's boyfriend didn't like yard work. Ya think?!?!?! So he talked her into having, get this, 10 tons of river rock put in the yard. 10 tons! talk about over kill. I've seen rivers with less rock then that!

I was in a panic over how we could get rid of the offensive rock. Now don't get me wrong, I have nothing against rocks. Just not in my yard. I almost painted the damned things green last summer when I attempted to remove it myself. My grandson & I spent 5 hours picking up rocks from the front, loading them in a truck bed & driving them to the back of the house & unloading. After the 5 hours we had a goodly sized pile of rocks in the back but it didn't look at all different from the front. It was like nothing at all had been removed. 

I was so upset I could have.......uh, thrown rocks!

The hubs wanted to sell the rock to a landscaping company but he never made the calls. Finally, after much debate (translation: get that rock gone or I bury you under it) the Hubs placed an add in the newspaper that said:

Free River Rock

The phone started ringing! The first caller, a woman wanted all the rock but asked the Hubs to deliver it to her..............Uh, Lady, it's free. You come get it! One man said "yes I want it all & I will come get it tomorrow". I was so happy that me & my Broom danced around the kitchen. The poor cats hate when we do that. 

This rock was like never ending!

See the small space toward the sidewalk where the rock is gone? That was 2 loads in a half ton pick-up truck. This was gonna take awhile.

Our new found friend brought a friend & started tackling the side of the house the next day.

It rained for the next 2 days & when it stopped, he showed up for more!

Most of the rock was gone from the side yard! My Broom & me danced once more, outside this time so as not to freak out the cats.

Three more pick-up loads from the front left it looking like this.

It rained again & our new friend called the Hubs & said he would be over this past Thursday to get the rest. Alas, our new friend never showed. The Hubs called him & he said that he has all he needed but would try to get his neighbor over the next day for a load. Meanwhile, the Hub's phone was still ringing about the rock. The Hub's told our newest unfriended friend that he was keeping the rest of the rock. We couldn't deal with "maybe we will get there". 

This wonderful woman called next & the Hub's said, "come & take it". She came by with her husband & they were ecstatic over the rock. Arrangements were made & hand shakes were shook. They will be here today to get the remainder of the rock. I eagerly await their arrival. I so want to show you pics of my rockless yard!

I leave you with a dose of cuteness:

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  1. You crack me up! Here I am BUYING rock to cut down on our lawn and you are giving it away. Sweetie, I wish I lived closer! Seriously, could you not keep some rock for islands of stone and greenery in your revamped yard? Maybe to border some flower beds? I am sure it will look wonderful whatever you do. BTW, you Halloween countdown reminds me of an Etsy treasury collection I posted titled "163 Days Til Halloween." If you'd like to visit, here's the link...https://www.etsy.com/treasury/NjU2MTM1M3wyNzI0NDgzMzYw/163-days-til-halloween?index=2&atr_uid=