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May 26, 2013

Barking Good Soil Supplement

Morning Blogland! What an ordeal we have gone through here at the Wiccan Make Some Too homestead. All the river rock is finally gone & i was hoping to get some planting done but could not get all things accomplished with the threat of a frost warning hanging over our heads for last night. That's right kiddos, May 25th & we had a frost warning. It was on the Weather Channel app on my iphone too. What I did manage to get done was toss some nutritious yummies onto the now rock less soil. I went to visit the WalMartians & got a big bag of this for $5.00:

This was way cheaper than high powered fertilizers that could have harmed my new young plants I purchased at Home Depot last week.

It is so easy to use. Just open & spread on areas you want fortified.

I grabbed a big plastic cup & scooped & tossed the dry dog food onto the dirt. I was lucky that it was starting to rain as I did this, so I let Mom Nature give the crunchy stuff a good soaking right there on top before mixing it in the dirt a bit. Don't fret if after the rain your area looks like you are waiting for Alfred Hitchcock to do his cameo appearance. Birds of all types swooped down for a morsel or two. There was plenty to go around & still loads in my dirt after.

Whats a little offering to her creatures to thank Momma N. for the rain & all things natural?
(well, except frost right now)

When the planting starts, I have some left over that I will add a couple more pieces to each hole before placing the plants. I could not begin to tell you where I first learned of this, but I have been doing this for a long time before planting anything.

Say "Bye" to the last of the river rock leaving our property!

This is Smitty. He is my hero & the man who has taken our river rock home to live with him!
All Hail Smitty!

Smitty is a touch shy. But that is ok. We all love a humble hero!

I was wearing long sleeves working out in the yard yesterday so I went here first:

I am so used to having some color on my skin having lived in Florida for years that I am having a very hard time adjusting to the Frozen Tundra. Hell, my foundation color for make-up is Corpse Beige now!

Wish me luck that this will be the last frost/freeze warning for this area for now. Bring on Spring please!

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