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May 20, 2013

It's a Slow & Painful Demise

Howdy Hi Blogland. The sage of the Rock Garden continues. Yes the nice man showed up on Saturday with his truck to take all of the rock in one trip(or so he thought)

He even brought his grandson to help load all of the rock.

I took this photo through the living room window. I was in full blown frump mode after my early morning fly around Blogland with my Broom & I was staying in full blown frump mode. Nope, I wasn't changing for anybody!

The Hubs helped load the rock too. He knows how bad I want it gone!

Not so long story even shorter, there was still a bunch of rock left over. The rock's new owner is 70 yrs old. May the Powers That Be bless him! He told the Hubs that he would be back on Monday to get the rest. Yes, with this man's truck, seeing what he hauled out of here Saturday, he can get the rest in one more trip.
My fingers are crossed (so are my toes & eyes) that the weather holds out & he returns to take all the rock away. Never to be seen again.

See, the Hubs got drafted into a Home Depot trip with me yesterday.

They had a wickedly awesome sale on some stuff I wanted.  

I got ten 40lb. bags of top soil for $1.19 each. 

Got 2 cans of this for an up coming project:

Should have gotten at least 3 cans but hey, I will just have to make another trip. No biggie.

Got a flat of Coleus:

Got 3 purple Rhododendron plants for $4.00 each, plus tomato plants, a strawberry plant, cucumbers, green peppers & some other pretty plantables for the front. No, the veggies will not be in the front. They will have their own spot in the back yard.

Look it!


Right now the plants are handing out in the garage with some things that are waiting to be put out for a Yard Sale next weekend, again, weather permitting.

Here is a shot of what our funky front looks like from the sidewalk:

The yard on the other side of the steps looks a lot better.

This too will get some work done, but is not top priority as of now.

Wish me luck today that I come home to find the rock gone & the Hubs has tilled up the ground. 
The dirt that was under the rocks in the side yard looks none too pleasant for pretty growing things just yet. If the Hubs is smart, he will work his butt off today.

Gotta get our little spot of Momma Earth looking wickedly spiffy.

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