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March 31, 2011

Me & The Broom & Tornado Warnings

 Soggy morning to you out there in Blogland! Yes more rain has hit my area. We have Tornado warnings for today. The Hubs has a doctor appointment in Tampa which involves crossing the Howard Franklin Bridge. Crossing that bridge is a feat for dare devils in good weather. But of course the doctors office has to see him to give him a script for his medicine (& collect that fee for being seen) so he has to traverse over this beast of a bridge to get there & the weather is menacing. Here is a shot of the Howard Franklin as it looks as I write this.

 The Broom & I headed out earlier in this mess & I have to keep an eye on my Broom because he is quite the thrill seeker. If he sees a funnel cloud he thinks.....FUN! 

(I so need a new Broom)

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  1. So hope that the hubbikins made it there and back home safely. I do believe you might need to trade your broom in for a more subdued model Beth..the one you have now is going to get you into trouble..LOL!!


  2. @Regina

    Thanks Regi. Yes the Hubs made it there & back without incident. When he got there the doctor told him she could have done a phone consult! So much for well trained office staff. As for my Broom.....I am looking into behavior modification of some sort. The cats & him are tight.