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July 3, 2011

All 4 Grandkids Together For The First Time!

 Hey again Blogland. I am one wickedly happy Grandmama right now. On Father's Day weekend all my grandchildren were in the same place for the first time! We got some wickedly awesome photos that I want to share with all of you. Only thing that would have made this an even greater day was if my middle child, my daughter Theresa & her husband could have made it over for the weekend.

Here they are. All my vermin, all together!

 What we did not know until after these shots were taken was that Carson ( the one sitting) was sitting on Ryan's foot the entire time! (Ryan is the oldest & tallest one)

 This shot pretty much shows my Grandson Bradley in his natural wild child state.
(not sure what he was up to with the tree in this shot)

 Kinda blurry shot of Jessica going for the gold!

 My oldest & my youngest together & not fighting!
It is hard not to think of them as fighting children but they do grow up & will eventually be nice to each other. Tracy, my youngest is Carson's mommy & my oldest, my son Shannon is dad to Ryan, Bradley & Jessica.

Thanks to my children, their spouse's & mygrandchildren for a wickedly good time to remember!

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