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July 26, 2011

Mrs. Lovett Finally Gets Her Spot

 Morning Blogland! I finally have my Mrs. Lovett paper doll collection on display. I thought this day would never arrive. I am so excited to share the "unveiling" with all of you!

 When I first "finished" her she looked good to me but over time she began to look a bit boring & drab.

So, I gave her a makeover.

I perked up her border with some purple.

Found some decorative stuff for her to hang with but first had to make them more her style.



Now, the total package!

 Here she is. Hanging on a wall in my living room along with the sconces & mirrors I redid in black. The Hubs likes it! Can you believe it?!?!? I am loving this spot in the living room. Maybe someday I will be able to love the rest of the living room!

 Thanks for sticking by me through this whole ordeal. I really appreciate the support from all of you. You my Blogland friends, are wickedly awesome!

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  1. very cool, love the purple velvet ribbon!