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July 21, 2011

The Hubs Went Dumpster Diving

Hey Blogland! The Hubs went dumpster diving the other day. He came out a bit smelly but carrying these sconces & small mirrors. (what is up with Blogger these days? crazy stuff happening)

Anywho, I decided these would go along quite nicely with my Mrs. Lovett paper doll framed thingy but they needed a makeover first!

So I took them apart. The mirrors seemed to have quite a few years of dust & grime on them.

This is a riveting shot of me removing the hanging apparatus from the back of one of the mirrors! Thought you all would love seeing a shot of the action.

Being spray painted black!

Painting complete & ready for super cleaned up mirrors!

One of the glass candle holders was filled with a melted candle. I just soaked the thing in hot water until the wax was pliable & I flattened it out & it fell right out of the holder.

Small mirrors done!

Stay tuned to see these bad boys teamed up with Mrs. Lovett!

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  1. Great finds! they're going to looks so cute, I approve of the black makeover!

  2. I can hardly wait. All I ever find in the dumpsters is garbage.

  3. So much better! Come see my new candlesticks!

  4. A great update. Much more on the chic side now. :) Thanks for linking up this project to Motivated Monday at BeColorful

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