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The Witch's New Year- Oct. 31st.

July 28, 2011

Christmas Breakfast In July & Other Months Too

 Hey Blogland! I have been seeing tons of posts on Christmas in July. I have a hard enough time getting the Hubs to get the Holiday ornaments out for me in December let alone in July. Plus since the move, I am not really sure just where all the decorations have been scattered to. (you can give a man a sharpie but you can't make him mark a box) So I have decided to share with you our favorite Holiday breakfast. I used to just serve this on the morning of the 25th but one year I decided, "what the heck, we love this dish so I am gonna make it more often". The best thing is you can freeze it in individual servings & pull one out of the freezer when ever you get the hankering for it! I will show you now.......The Breakfast Casserole.

 I usually end up doubling or tripling this recipe since I am making a bunch to freeze. Here is the single batch recipe. Just double the ingredients to make a bigger batch.

This single recipe will  require a 9x13 baking pan


  • 1 lb. roll of breakfast sausage (hot or mild it is up to you)
  • 1 box stove top type stuffing. (I prefer pork flavored but could only find chicken this time)
  • 8 med to large eggs
  • 1-8oz. bag of shredded cheese ( again, your preference)
  • 1/4 can evaporated milk

Start by cooking your sausage & braking it up into the smallest crumbles you can while cooking

 While that is cooking, mix your stuffing in a bowl with 1-1/2 cups warm water (no need to prep this on the stove, just let it moisten up)

 Spray your pan with a non-stick coating

Once your stuffing mix is moist & your pan is coated, evenly spread out the stuffing on the bottom of your baking pan

 ( I am making a triple batch this time so yes, the pan is freakin' huge. One thing about having had your own cake business at one time is that you end up owning lots of huge pans)

 Once your sausage is cooked. Drain it well & add to the top of the stuffing layer

Now you are ready to crack some eggs & mix them up with the evaporated milk

 Oh my...you will have this sometimes when you buy store brand....smh

Don't freak over the amount of eggs, I am making a triple batch here

Add the evaporated milk & start beating together with your eggs. Or if you are lucky & have found your mixer since your 1,100 mile away move, use that just to get everything nice & mixed.

Pour this over your sausage & stuffing making sure to get it as even a possible. It will settle but you want this evened out for the next step.

 It should look like this above

 Next grab your shredded cheese & sprinkle on the top of the egg mixture

 Now place this in the fridge for at least an hour to set

Bake at 350 degrees for about 45 minutes to an hour. Check it after a half hour to make sure it is not burning. Test with a butter knife. It should come out clean although maybe a bit greasy. The edges should be pulling away from the sides of the pan a bit.

The Hubs could not wait for breakfast. We ended up having this for dinner last night. The rest is cut up & in the freezer except for the 2 servings my Hubs set aside in the fridge for him to eat today sometime. (oh yeah, & a plate of this that I am taking into work today cause they have been dying to try this & have been asking me if I have made it yet since I told them about it.)
This is great to have in the freezer. So much more tastier than most of the frozen breakfast entrees you can buy. Enjoy!

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