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July 26, 2011

Me & My Broom & Is Every Season The Rainy Season In PA.?

 Hey Blogland. Yes, it has been raining again here in PA. Lots & lots of rain. The Sun is out right this moment but the weather forecast for today? Thunder storms just like yesterday & the day before & before that. I do know now that not every season in PA. is the rainy season. At least one season is the snowy season! (ugh) My Broom wanted to head out over the mountains before it started storming again & I was more than ready to agree with his logic. So.....off we went!





 I went more places but will have to revisit cause linky won't let me link up right now for some reason (smh)

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  1. I always love where you and Broom get off to. So many wonderful places to explore. Thank you!!!

    We are getting hit and miss showers here too but at least it cools things down a bit. As far as that funny cold white stuff...well...we call it sand..hehe


  2. Please tell Broom to sweep your rain to Kansas. It is going to be 109 tomorrow Maybe a small chance of rain Friday, if it doesn't evaporate before it reaches the ground. Love seeing where you go. Thanks for including us.