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July 27, 2011

The Hubs Got Busy

 Hey Blogland. The Hubs got busy today trimming back the Holly tree in our back yard. Yeah, I know they are supposed to be bushes but this one was way out of hand. Here, check it out for yourself. I wouldn't lie to you.

Yeah, that is a Holly bush growing higher than the garage roof

 The Hubs borrowed my new step ladder to tackle this monster bush

 Implements of destruction

 Pile O' Stuff


 & more

 Check out difference!

 He discovered a bird's nest in the bush. Nobody appeared to be living in it but we left it be anyway. Maybe the Robins will use it for the next nesting seeing as they can get to it now.

Here the Hubs is showing how big the top most section was that he took off. It's a freakin' tree in itself!

 Same section, same Hubs, different pose.

 Now he is all full of tiny little holes where the Holly leaves got him. I'm gonna see if he will let me connect the dots & see if it makes a picture of anything. He more than likely won't let me near him with the sharpie marker. Guess I'd better wait til he is asleep to try that.

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