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July 20, 2011

Me & The Broom & Another Florida Type Weather Day

 Morning Blogland! My Broom was so happy about getting out the other day that he was traipsing up the steps very early this morning. I really have to teach him how to start the coffee pot before waking me up. That would really boost his ability to wake me up for sure. The weather here has been nice for a few days. Kinda reminds me of Florida. (shhh...don't want to jinx it!) The local people here have been tripping out though. They think it is hot. Or I should say, they think it is "hawt". That is how they say it up here. My Broom waited impatiently tapping his bristles while I drank two cups of coffee. (not at the same time mind you...I drink one cup at a time just like everybody else) Much to my Broom's dismay. So, a bit of coffee consumed & off we went!

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  1. Ohhh coffee sounds so nice BUT someone in this house forgot to tell someone else that we were all OUT. ARGGG!! (taking a deep breath..in..out..hehe)

    Beth..enjoy that HAWT weather because if you were down South still you would be saying that old famous witchy saying "I'm melting" ^_^ Temps have been in the triples here with the heat index. BUT I do love my South!!!

    Thanks for swooshing us off to some awesome places today.


  2. Nice to know u! I enjoy your blog...so creative and sweet. Kindly visit and follow me too at http://thebeautyofsplendid.blogspot.com/