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March 27, 2011

Heritage Village, Largo, Florida

 Yesterday the Hubs & I decided to take a break from packing & headed over to Heritage Village in Largo. Maybe a 20 minute drive from our house (closer once when we lived in Largo). We have been on this area since 1997 & had never gone to Heritage Village. It's a case of taking something for granted cause it's right in your backyard. Heritage Village is chocked full of historical buildings & houses from different areas around Pinellas County. It is free but they accept donations to help keep the place going. We had a blast & I wanted to share our day with you, my Blogland Peeps!

 To your left upon crossing the bridge into Heritage Village you come up to the Williams Park Bandstand.
 This is a reproduction of the Bandstand that was built in 1894 in St. Petersburg.
 This was awesome & I would love to have this as a gazebo!

 Here is a photo of yours truly on the steps of the Safety Harbor Church that was built in 1905.

Here is the Hubs standing behind the pulpit of the Safety Harbor Church. That is the original pulpit & railing.

 Here is the church from the outside.

 This sweet piece of property is the Plant-Sumner house. Built in 1896 this baby had electricity, running water & indoor plumbing. This was a dream house for most people back then to be sure!

 Here is a shot of the fireplace mantel. Loving the brickwork here.

Dining Room in the Plant-Sumner House.

Loved this mirror & the old victrola was actually working!

Had to get a shot of the bathroom wall cause in the house we are moving to it is almost just like this!. Hubs was able to better describe the house to me using this house as a reference cause the floorboards & framework are very similar. Most of the windows in the house we are moving to are the original windows, full of bubbles & imperfections!

Love the dresser on the left. I remember that my grandparents has the same type in their house. I sure wish I had that stuff now....Scavenger hunt to start for me in PA.!

We thought this antique baby walker was too awesome!

The Child's bed & chair were drooling material to be sure. I was mentally making up a "shopping list" of items I'd love to have.

So loving the corner closets.

Now I am really into antiques but I am very happy that our kitchen is a bit more modern than this one!

This old ice box would probably work in our kitchen in the house in PA. It was not made for a whole lot of today's full sized appliances (sigh)

Feeling the bake ware though. Don't you just love the old stuff? 

Hubs chillin' on the porch of the Plant-Sumner house.

Next on the agenda was the House of Seven Gables. This place has 13 rooms & was built overlooking Clearwater Bay. It was built in 1907.

I could really get my groove on in a crib like this people!

I just love everything about this place.

Front of the House of Seven Gables

Master Bedroom in the house.

More Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom Dresser

This bedroom belonged to the family seamstress who actually lived in the house.

Uber creepy dolls in the child's room

Formal Living Room

Shot of one of the plants in the Garden For The Blind. The plants are very aromatic & descriptive captions are given in Braille.

Next on the tour was the McMullen-Coachman House. This is the oldest structure in Pinellas County built in 1852, in what is referred to as "Cracker" style

 This house has a breezeway through the middle of the house & large gaps in the walls to allow breezes to flow & cool the house. Hubs was worried what the mosquito ratio was per person in this house.

This is actually a good sized cabin.

Shot of the kitchen area

Fun shot of the Hubs "playing" around the Caboose.

The Hubs playing "tourist".

Heritage Village garden

Wickedly awesome shot of a tree covered in Spanish Moss

The Boyer Cottage built in 1878.

A peek inside the one room Boyer Cottage.

Boyer Cottage

The rest of Boyer Cottage.

There you have some of our day. My camera batteries conked out on me. There is much more to see at Heritage Village than I was able to show you. So glad we finally made it there. Again please ignore the date on the pictures. Still trying to figure out how to turn that off on the camera. After we left Heritage Village, the Hubs & I headed to Quaker Steak & Lube for some wings & chili. It was nice taking a break from packing & seeing some of the sites we should have seen long before now.

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  1. Oh I love these pics. Its interesting to see your travels, this area is so far away from from me, so its incredible to see new sights. Great post!

    Russo @ www.threegnomes.blogspot.com

  2. beautiful pictures,thank you for sharing
    it feels like i've been there now myself!
    i love all the wood in the master bedrooms and oh how i wish those doll babies lived with me:)