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March 30, 2011

Look It! Look It What I Just Got!

 Oh my Blogland Peeps I am so excited & I wanted to share it with you all! I went to see a dear friend of mine, Antionette. She is 79 years old & man do I wish I had the energy this woman has! She can wear you out with her energy. I sometimes get worn out just hearing about what she did during her day. As  I was leaving her place I commented on some furniture she had on her covered patio. It was Moroccan in style & I was stunned by it. She says " Oh, I got that when my sister's place was redone". Then I remembered having seen the furniture before years ago. Then she says, "You want it Dahlin"? (she is from New Orleans & has never lost the accent...I adore it!) I was totally blown away. I was like, "Nette, you don't want to get rid of that". And she was like," Yes I do & I'm giving you first dibs on it".  Now, I got to Nette's house as she was out running errands & I had my private little drool session over the furniture already & had actually snapped some photos with my cell phone & sent them to my email. When I got home I called the Hubs over to the computer & showed him the photos. The pieces are old & need some TLC but I know I can handle that. I told the Hubs that the furniture wants to come with us to PA & can I keep it.  As soon as he said "Oh hell yes". I was on the phone & asked Nette was she serious about the furniture. So when we get the moving truck on Saturday, we are headed to Nette's to get the stuff. Without further ado, I would like to introduce you to my "new stuff"!

 This cabinet & the two tall brass candle holders. The candles are wood with fake wicks but totally rock. The chair on the left with the box on it you cannot see really well so I will show you it's twin.

Ain't it cool?

Check out the side detailing....

 I know I will have a lot of fun getting these pieces back in tip top shape!  I will even let you all come along for the ride cause you know that you will see these pieces again in another post!

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  1. Oh My----what pretty pretties! If Kansas wasn't so far away, I could make it vanish into thin air ☺ will be waiting to see what you do to these.

  2. Beautiful!! I am looking forward to seeing your new stuff again:)