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The Witch's New Year- Oct. 31st.

March 1, 2011

The Hubs Recon Mission Starts Thursday

 Getting excited about what I am getting into. Most of you may not know that the 100 yr old house the Hubs & I will be moving into in April has never been seen by me & when he saw them years ago, he cannot remember what they looked like other than they had some good sized bedrooms. I tried to Google Earth it but the van only drove past the street it is located on. I got to see what the curb looked like in that shot. Also an aerial view of the huge back yard. But nothing of the front of the house. The Hubs flies into Maryland on Thursday & his mom will pick him up at BWI Airport & from there they drive to Uniontown. I am arming him with a camera & he has his cell phone that he can use to send pics to my email. I am keeping my fingers crossed that he takes some clear shots. (he is not known for that) I finally convinced him that when using a film loaded camera to only order one print of each shot until we know how many have actually turned out clear. I have a large pile of blurry double prints already & do not need more. Hubs has been instructed to take shots of windows (not straight on if the sun is shining through), all different angles of the rooms, as well as outside shots of the porch & front door. With any luck, by Friday I will have some photos from his cell phone that are clear enough to share with all of you & then......my plotting the house make-over will begin!

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  1. So exciting!!! Can't wait to see the pics myself!

  2. Your moving into a house you have never seen? Keep in mind, I'm new here. *lol* What is the story?

  3. New follower here from Monday Mingle :)