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March 5, 2011

The House Reveal...Sorta

 Oh my Blogland friends....do I ever have my work cut out for me! The Hubs has sent photos of the house in PA. Some communications were crossed & the house we wanted to move into is not ready as of yet. The history of this story is: we were to move into the end house & my son & his family were going to move into the other house that my husband's uncle owns once it was ready. The plans have a different twist now. As it is, the house my son was going to move into is ready & ours is not. Okay, we were planning on painting the house we were going to move into anyway. So, we will be moving into the house my son will take later on while getting the one we will be moving into ready. So, that is cool & casual with me. It just gives me more incentive to bust my butt & get our place in shape before my son moves up. One cool thing is what we thought from the Google Earth photos, was a huge back yard is actually a smaller back yard that butts up to.....get this.......wait for it.........an old cemetery!  Here is the view from the back porch:

 This is so freakin' awesome! Now I am sure that most of you are like: "Are you kidding me"?  No, I am not. Cemeteries do not bother me. My best friend growing up lived in a cemetery. Her father was the grounds keeper & lived in a house on the property. I had Easter egg hunts as a kid in a cemetery, My friend & I helped to mow that grass & at night, we loved to go to the older section with flash lights & read the old headstones. Plus, with the dead guarding your back door....who needs an alarm?

 The photos coming up next are of the house that my son will eventually move into. The Hubs is getting pics of the other house today. But they are along the same lines & you can get an idea. Okay, yes, the kitchens are small.

The Hubs says the stove can be moved to make more room. It also goes back to the right some more. It is not an eat in kitchen to be sure. Now this house is in the process of being painted. We will paint our house once we get up there.

This is a photo of a built in cabinet that is in the dining room. The house we will be fixing up for ourselves has one but it is built into the corner. Now keep in mind that this was built when the house was about 100 yrs ago!

Here is a shot of the dining room. There has been some work being done & the evidence is still lying around for now. Paneling!?!?!? The horror! Plus the Hubs says this photo does not do the room justice since it is bigger than it looks here.

This is a shot of my mother-in-law & the Hub's uncle in the living room. The wood finish irks me but his uncle wants those left as they are.........plotting a non-paint cover up of some sort. Any ideas? (please?) Now, the Hubs & I are discussing the possibility of maybe buying all 4 places on this street from his uncle. If so, then the wood is getting painted for sure! That is a drop cloth on the floor. This place has no carpeting. The other house has carpeting that needs to be ripped up. So, add that to the "to do" list.

Here is a shot of the stairs going up to the second floor. My cats have never had stairs to run up & down. They will have a blast! This is all original wood & does not get painted unless we buy the places.(sigh)

The Hubs says there is a good sized landing at the top of the steps. More room for some awesomeness!

In this photo of the bathroom it looks like you have to squeeze in between the tub & the toilet to get to the sink. Yet another of the Hubs deceiving shots. This has all wood flooring also. The toilet looks terrible but that is from sitting unused for so long. The bathroom is being painted before we move so my son's place will at least be ready. The original claw foot tub looks to be in great shape.

This is a shot of one of the bedrooms. Not sure if it is the Master Bedroom or not. The second bedroom will be my office.

Here is another shot of the back yard showing how close the tomb stones are. The building to the right is a large garage/storage building.

This is a shot of the front of the house. Not quite what I was hoping it would look like at all. But hey, another challenge for me to tackle. Any advise? (no...do not say "run now, save yourself")

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  1. What and adventure you have a head of you! Can't wait to see what you do!!

  2. Wow!!! It sounds like a lot of work, but I would love to find some old fixer upper myself to play with! The cemetery being RIGHT THERE would creep me out a bit, but in a fun tingly way LOL I really like the old wood, with the right shade of paint I think it would look very beautiful myself...but I'm a sucker for originality in old homes XD and wood, especially dark wood, is just so beautiful to me.
    Can't wait to see more pics!

  3. The house definitely has character! I love character (and old houses). What fun it will be!

  4. I love the cemetery surprise! Your childhood experiences sound really cool. Love this house - I can totally see past the mess to the great bones. I have restored several that age and it's always exciting, frustrating and worth it in the end.