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March 3, 2011

My Day Off, The Broom & When Will That Roof Be Done

 It was yet another early morning for me my Blogland friends. Yes...the roofing job across the street is still going on but today was the day the Hubs had to get to the airport for his recon mission in PA. The Broom was in a panic when he saw the suitcase & tried to block me from leaving the house. I explained that I was coming back & we would be off on our flight through Blogland then. Of course with the Broom being agitated, that got the cats going nutso.  We finally made it out the door & boy did I ever get the Mac Daddy of greetings when I got back home from the airport! Two cats a the Broom were sure happy to see their Momma! I would have taken D'Artagnon & Ramses with us but they fight too much on the Broom & it really ticks the Broom off. Here is where we went:

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Did not have a whole lot of time today to visit. Had to get back to the house & into the rain locker cause I had errands to run!

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  1. Oh, definatly an interesting blog. I admire your bravery with coming out of the Wiccan closet as you mentioned. Very awesome. I found your blog at the blog hop. Happy to follow.

    Russo @ www.threegnomes.blogspot.com