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March 29, 2011

Me & The Broom & Oh I Hate Packing Boxes!

 Hello Blogland. Well the rain has calmed down quite a bit here in sunny Florida. We sure needed the rain & oh boy did we ever get a bunch yesterday & overnight. My Broom had no problem this morning waiting for the rain to stop long enough for us to take off over Blogland. I spent more time packing up the kitchen yesterday while it was raining. Need to get a few more boxes & then all that will be left to pack will be toothbrushes & junk like that. One good thing is now I have an excuse not to cook anything that requires more spice than just salt & pepper, cause all my spices are packed! In a couple more days we will be eating off of paper plates or as I like to say.....the fine china. Anyway, my Broom & I took off & went to some pretty nifty places today.



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  1. Oh the days of packing! I hate moving, but well the no cooking thing I'd be ok with.

  2. Heck at this point, I would do take out. Use the "fine china" and have pizza and crap like that. Moving is too stressful to have to worry about cooking.