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March 24, 2011

Me & The Broom & Happy Birthday To My Son

 Morning Blogland! The Broom & I are heading out to see our friends & then "poof" on over to my Son's house to wish him a Happy Birthday. The Broom is very excited cause he loves birthdays. Me, well when your oldest child turns 33yrs old....how thrilled can you be? I am happy yet I asked him to stop aging at 12 years of age. How can I tell people that I am 28 yrs old when my children are older than that? Guess I have to bump my age up by a few years now......sigh.

 Here is a shot of my boy looking all spiffy & C.I.A.- ish.

 Now...on to where my Broom & I went today.



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  1. Happy birthday to the birthday boy! He does look CIA-ish, just needs one of those earpieces and he's ready to secure the perimeter!

  2. hehe Happy Birthday sent on over! Hope you have a wonderful day, agelessly :D