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May 22, 2011

Bathroom Room

 Hey Blogland. Last week I did a post about my living room ( before & after kinda thing even though it is still mostly in the "before" stage as of yet.) This week I will show you what I am working on to make some "room" in my bathroom. I am linking up with this:

 My friend Crystal at Crystal's Craft Spot Is doing a before & after linky for different rooms of the house. This week it is the bathroom. Go on over & check it out after you get done drooling over my basket that I redid to go into my bathroom. I'm serious, I don't want Crystal to see you over there still having some drool on your chin, dripping it all over her carpet or something.

In my post yesterday I left off with this picture:

 My before shot of the bathroom from before I moved in:

Right fancy, ain't it?

 The only storage we have in there is the medicine cabinet. I have been basically living out of a travel case for my make-up & stuff. I bring it in & place it on the toilet lid (yes, of course while it is closed) Then when done, it's back into my office with the case. Really fun living like a guest in your own home. So on our last trip out & up the mountains the Hubs bought me this:

 This of course is NOT my bathroom. This is a promo shot of the over the toilet storage doohickey. It comes with the magazine rack & an over the door hanging contraption. There is no room in my bathroom for the magazine rack so it is not yet put together. We got this one because of the third shelf. Most of these units only have two shelves & what the hey, why not have one more? It did not work for us cause our prehistoric toilet tank is too high so we had to remove a shelf. I still had the dilemma of what to put my stuff in so it was not all falling out of the slatted shelf. So the basket you saw earlier was transformed into this:

Then into this with just a few flowers from my stash o' stuff

 Here is the shelf with some of the stuff I am redoing for storage.


This is still a project in the works. The repaired walls have been painted over. (not by me) But before I do any painting the patch work has to be sanded & repaired. This was not done prior to painting. The helper my husband's uncle had just painted over the plaster without sanding it. But at least it does not slap you in the face as it did before. (just keep your eyes closed when going in the bathroom & you will be fine)

That is about it for the transformation. Not a big deal but when I get finished all the stuff, I will have more space to toss my make-up & junk into!

Sorry this post is so sad Crystal!

P.S. It is raining again today.

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  1. Hi, Beth - the basket with flowers is so cute! Glad you are on the way to getting your storage problem worked out. Hee hee, I love that your animation now has dark hair!

  2. great work on that basket!! Great idea to re-do it! Wish i had the eye for re-touching items to become gems!

  3. I really like your basket and the flowers. Sometimes it takes something small to make the room so much nicer. Thanks for joining in!