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May 6, 2011

What A May

 Hey there Blogland. Gonna take some time & dump on you guys today. Sorry in advance. May is not a good month for me. Both of my parents were born in May. (both are gone now) My Father passed away the day before Mother's Day when I was 15 years old. Mom died when I was 23. Their wedding anniversary was in May also. There is a good thing that happened in May almost 28 years ago & that was the birth of my youngest child, Tracy. My son will be moving up to PA. next week with his wife & three kids (another good thing). What a time this has been up here in the mountains. My son put $2,00.00 into the family vehicle to make sure it was road worthy for the trip from Florida. Well, last week as my daughter-in-law, Tiffany was driving home from Tampa, the Bravada started losing speed, then stalled out. Tiffany made it to the side of the highway  before that happened. (luckily) After towing to my son's house, the medics were called in. The Bravada would need a new engine. They had already sunk 2 grand into the thing & the rest of the cash they had was for the move. My son did not want to dump another 2or 3 grand into the vehicle. So, they decided to sell it & use the money to buy something when they got up here. The night before it was to be sold, someone visiting one of the tenants in the apartments where my son is manager, hit the rear bumper & took off. One of the other tenants saw this & told my son but did not want to get involved. (lovely huh?) So of course, this made the value of the vehicle decrease. Now my daughter-in-law & the two younger kids are flying into Pittsburgh this coming Tuesday. Tiffany has to bring a car seat for Jessica, her playpen & stroller. (she needs to have something to hold the baby & the carry on bags so she can keep a hold of 6 yr old Bradley too. The thing is, my car is a Corolla. Trying to stuff a rather large stroller & playpen into my trunk is gonna require a number of bungee cords & I am sure some pretty foul language. My husband could follow me to the airport in his pick up but for the past three weeks it has been leaking water & we have not had the $'s to get it fixed. It would not be trustworthy on the hour plus trip to the airport. (sigh) Oh well, nobody ever said life was easy, huh? Anyway....that's my rant for now. At least it did not rain yesterday & I was able to get some more wall patching done so I can paint soon. Thanks for letting me vent. You are all great therapists! ( I really needed to do that)

Here are a few pictures of the kids enjoying the Gulf of Mexico before coming up to the mountains.

Boy will they ever get a weather shock when they get up here to Uniontown! It will make things much better to have my son & his family here. Hopefully they can find a vehicle once they get here cause there are no buses running through Uniontown.

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  1. Oh I wish I lived closer. I would come over and give hugs, then help you " get things done." I know this is trite, but have you burned sage throughout the house yet,?(to clean out bad vibes) Heres hoping you all make it to the airport and back ok. You will be in my thoughts this weekend.Hugs and back soothers to all.

  2. @Patty
    That is so nice of you to say Patty. Consider yourself interwebz hugged. Yes, did the Sage first thing. Been thinking about doing it again.

  3. I hope things start going your way soon! It's great that you will have you grandkids close!

  4. Oh, my goodness, May is not a good month for you. Here's hoping it zips by and memorial day will be here before we know it. Cute pic BTW.