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May 19, 2011

Hair Redo

 I finally took the plunge Blogland...I recolored my hair! I have not been a brunette since the early 90's when I dyed it brown to see it having dark hair could get me promoted in my job. It worked. Not two weeks into being a brunette I became Payroll Administrator for Harford Systems in Maryland. I had my own office & secretary & the job sucked. I am not an office type person. Well here is the before shots:

Sorry for the funky shots. I am almost too short for the bathroom mirror. It is very small & I think the old dude who used to live here was tall cause it is up higher more than normal.

Now the after: (eek)

Well....what cha think? I have not been in the sun lately (since all it seems to do up here is rain) & when I was in Florida a daily dose of the sun kept my hair lighter. Now it is starting to grow in darker. ( my Navajo grandmother would be so happy now)  I never had a problem with gray hair (knock on wood) so that was not the issue. I don't know what my kids will think of this change. My son had a fit when I cut my hair mega short a few years back. I will let you know the reactions.

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  1. I think being a brunette suits you! Your hair looks great!

  2. I liiiike it! My mirror is the same way - just about 3 inches too high. Weird!

  3. So pretty,you look really great both ways,lucky girl! Now that you know...have fun with it;)

  4. Beth...you are a beauty no matter what but I really love the darker hair..it makes your face shine!!!