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The Witch's New Year- Oct. 31st.

May 9, 2011

Ohioply, PA.

Hey Blogland!  Yesterday the Hubs & I went even further up (this place always seems to go further up) in the mountains to visit the town of Ohiopyle. Ohiopyle is Indian for beautiful, frothy water. We had a nice scenic drive. Ears popping on the way up & back. My ears have never popped as much in my life. They pop just going to places here in Uniontown. We got to Ohiopyle & the scenery was breathtaking. Here are some of the shots of the rushing (frothy) water.

 Not sure what the water temperature was here but you can bet it was cold! There are rafting trips one can take but thanks, not for me. One of the shops had this shirt I thought was funny.

It turned out to be a nice afternoon weather wise. The temps were  in the low 70's. The Hubs & I strolled around what is left of the town. (in 1962 it was announced that a State Park was to be built & most of the residents were forced from their homes that had been passed down from generation to generation) Today there are 65 year round residents. 
The Hubs & I met Vicki Marietta owner & operator of  Backyard Gardens. Vicki was a font of information about the happenings in Ohiopyle & we eagerly soaked up all she had to say.

Vicki also makes these awesome mustards. I bought a jar of the Hot Banana Pepper Mustard. (heaven in a jar for your taste buds!)

She has more than just mustards in her store. Lots of history to look at.

Vicki sells locally crafted items such as handmade wooden toys, soaps in so many scents it will make your head spin, fresh baked biscotti & other yummylicious baked goods. Soon her store will be teeming with fresh local produce.

Jams & Maple Syrup just there for the purpose of tempting your palate. Oh my but I could gain a ton just  eyeing all the tasties.

 There are even wonderful Wines to purchase.
When you visit Ohiopyle, be sure to stop at Backyard Gardens on Lincoln Street  & say Hey to Vicki. If you are lucky she may even give you a run down on the local history!

Pretty things finally blooming!

 Scenes from around town in Ohiopyle.

Lots of stuff to do there. You can rent bikes to ride, hike the trails, raft  & then head off for some ice cream or a bite to eat. Not to mention, the camping in the area. Tons of it! Horseback Riding too! ( I have not ridden in years & would more than likely walk pretty funny for days after)

The Hubs

Proof that I was there!

Hope all of you in Blogland had a wickedly awesome Mother's Day.

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