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May 24, 2011

Me & The Broom & I Got A Job Uber Close To Home

 What up Blogland? I am having an awesome day. The Broom & I headed out this morning over the mountain tops into overcast skies. My Broom is a bit miffed cause I am employed now & he is afraid it will damper our already screwed up routine for visiting our Blogland friends. The call came yesterday after I had already spent a good part of the morning applying for jobs in Uniontown. The first application I put in up was last week at a place called Tobacco World. Yup, tobacco. I will admit that I am a smoker. No, it's not a great habit to have but it keeps me from killing people. It is my Prozac & helps keep me sane. So when the Hubs & I were at the tobacco shop it came up that I was going to start job hunting & that they were looking to hire a new employee. I got the application & filled it out. I was told that the job required that you were a smoker, cussed & were ornery.........I told them they hit the jackpot with me. Yes, I have vices & I am not ashamed to admit it. Yesterday after the Hubs & I were coming back from the grocery store the call came. I went in & met the owner who had been on vacation & the manager. I start Saturday & and happy that Tobacco World is like a block from my house. No money being spent on gas thats for sure. Anyway ......here is where we went!




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  1. Huzzah for employment! I raise a glass of my favorite vice to you and release a string of expletives!

  2. Congrats! I'm so glad you're not killing people - now that you have a nice handy job, even less chance!