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May 1, 2011

Blessed Beltane

 Blessed Beltane to you out there in Blogland. Beltane is the last of three Spring festivals. It is a time that we celebrate the Spring & the rebirth of the land. (hint, hint Mother Nature) Some Wiccans will wash their faces with the morning dew to ensure beauty for the coming year. As it is once again raining in my area of Blogland, the morning dew is now mingled with rain. Still a girl has to try a free beauty technique....right? Beltane also is a time of transformation & growth (the trees all come back to life, little birdies are hatched) So, for a Beltane gift to your favorite crazy Witch, why not poof on over to Vintage Revivals & cast (ohhh, magick term!) your vote for #50 (me) to get a bedroom redo! Mine is pathetic right now & I would be so tickled to win this contest.

 Yes I have shamelessly promoted my contest entry in this post for Beltane. My the Powers That Be forgive me.

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  1. Beltane sounds like a beautiful moment of the year. Thanks for sharing it w/us! I am going to look for some dew right now!