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May 4, 2011

Just Some Stuff

 Hey Blogland! First I would like to thank all of you who voted for me to get a room make over from Vintage Revivals. It didn't happen. I did not make it into the top15. Oh well, that is how my luck has gone since crossing the line into PA. It is raining again today. We have seen the sun only 3 times since moving here in early April. Anyway, I wanted to show you guys some stuff around here. I have not been able to do too many projects cause I need the weather's cooperation & that just ain't happening. I wanted to show you guys our coal room. We are not using for coal storage cause thankfully the furnace has been updated ( that's about the only thing in this house that has been). We are using to store some of our many stuffs. (we have an abundance of stuffs) 

 You can see the outside of the coal room on the left of the front of the porch. That square looking door right above the ground that I have circled in purple. That is where the coal guys would deliver the coal right into the basement. No messy coal delivery going through your living room! That is like a modern convenience for this place.

This is the entrance to the coal room in the basement. To the left of the door is one of my Broom's cousins. That is Felix from Albany. My Broom has been busy seeing long lost relatives while I have been trying to get this nightmare house in order. We are both anxious to get back in the air again over Blogland.

 Here is some crap we are now storing in the coal room. It is pretty dark in there without the lights & over the course of time it was taken over by mega amounts of spiders who have long since moved on to better housing greener pastures.

And another shot of more junk.

 That is the coal door from the inside of the coal room. So the coal room is right under our front porch.

 The Hubs & I took last Saturday off & got out of the nightmare house for a while. We stopped at a junk sale & saw this baby on our way out. Not quite sure where they are gonna use those surf boards around here.

 We drove on over to Laurel Caverns which is about 11 miles from us & took an awesome hike in the caverns.  My camera really bites like a big dog so my underground shots came out needing to stay underground.

Coming home we saw the runaway truck ramp that had to be used the night before. We heard about it on the news. The mountain is pretty steep & the  speed limit for trucks is like 10 miles per hour. If the brakes go out on a truck, they have to hang on till they get to this ramp. That is some pretty freaky stuff to me.

Here is the Hubs trying to look all slick at a local eatery called Darby's. It is right down the street & we walked there from our house. We decided to get a bite to eat someplace to complete the day off.

 Here I am trying to ignore the camera in my face. I hate being in front of the camera. Made it really fun when I was modeling! (oh yes, I did some modeling when I was younger)

Here is a shot of the awesome fried cheese cake I had for dessert. Sorry but I ate some before I thought to take a photo. It was yummylicious!

Saw this gate standing by itself without a fence on the way back to the house. Thought is was funny & snapped a pic.
I will hopefully be able to get more things finished soon. My Broom's relatives are leaving soon & I know he will want to get back to the business of flying around Blogland.

Also I want to get Wickedly Crafty Saturdays up & running again soon.

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  1. You look so cute, and Darby's looks cool! I loved the coal door shots - great history in your house. Sorry you don't have the sun so far, but I'm sure summer will be gorgeous. Wish your cavern shots had come out - maybe you'll go back and try again, I wanna see.

  2. I'm so glad to see you got out for a day to enjoy the Spring weather and the husband you judiciously did not maim. He's pretty cute, by the way.

  3. Even though you are having to work really hard to get the house liveable, the area is wonderful. I am sorry you didn't even make the to 15. Maybe I should have voted more than I did. You are a good looking couple. I really enjoy your adventures.

  4. @Life in Rehab
    Lucky for him that he is cute or he would have hurt a long time ago!