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May 9, 2011

Two Antique Lamps for $9.50

 Hey Blogalnd! I showed you guys this lamp I got for $4.50 in an earlier post.

 I love it but the shade will eventually need some work done to it (more on my list of crap to do...sigh)

Here it is again. Well close up of the base actually.

 It was a red dot special so it was half off the original price of $9.00.

 This next lamp I got at a yard sale being held in front of a Funeral Home in nearby Dunbar Township. (yes, you read that right....in front of a Funeral Home) Gotta love the laid back ways of the mountains huh?

Here is my other new lamp. Paid $5.00 for it.

It is sitting on one of the antique crates I remade.

& again

 When I told the Hubs that this one was getting redone he says "why do you have to paint everything"? And being the intellectual that I am, I replied....."because"!
Thinking of either white or black or both. Maybe a black base with a white shade or a white base with a black shade. Once I get it done, either way, I know he will like it way better. (if he knows whats good for him that is)

 Not a bad day. Two lamps for under ten bucks. They are both mega old ones by the way. They really seem to fit in well with this house.

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  1. Has the man only met you last week that he still needs to ask why you have to paint everything? lol He should know that if it's not painted, it's unfinished!

  2. Both so pretty! You have got make them yours - duh - like you did with the cool crates.

    Read your other post about the craziness surrounding the car and everybody to the right place at the right time. Oof! Here's hoping everything comes out well!