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The Witch's New Year- Oct. 31st.

May 21, 2011

The Sun Came Out!

 The Flippin' Sun came out today Blogland! So happy about that. The only drawback is the fact that everyone in the neighborhood is mowing their grass today. (my allergies are killing me) I have nothing but lawn mowers since about 9am. The Hubs even got in on the action. He started off by clearing some over grown stuff by out back yard fence & he found a Robin's nest lower in the trees. He called me over & I got some okay shots.

 Only three eggs for now. They usually lay between four & six eggs. Momma must been out getting groceries. Guess she didn't get to the bread the Hubs threw out into the yard this morning before it was gone.

 Hopefully no animals get a hold of these & we can keep an eye on the babies once they are hatched. I was surprised when I was watching the Robins build their nest that is was so close to the ground.

 Here it is right up against my fence. The nest is on the cemetery side of the fence.

 Here is the Hubs clearing a bunch of overgrown stuff from the back of our yard.

I am glad he got the chance to get out & do this today. He loves working in the yard & it keeps him out of my hair for a while!

 Keeps him out of trouble too!

 The cemetery is getting quite over run.

 The Hubs is taking care of that. We are not sure what if any schedule the Church who has this has for keeping up on it but The Hubs likes to help out the neighbors since they can't mow the place themselves. I am not sure if the cemetery belongs to the Church down the street from us or not. There is never anyone visiting these 200 plus yr old graves. My grandsons took a tour with me & were very considerate of the long dead. My six year old grandson Bradley was very sad to see that so many small children were buried there. He wished they could have had better medicine back then so the kids could have lived. Next time I go to place flowers & such on the children's graves, my grandsons want to help.

 The azalea bush is blooming out front but it is gonna have to be moved.

I am not sure why anyone would have planted this so close to the sidewalk.

Say "hi" to Neptune. He is hanging out in the backyard waiting for a spot among some flowers to hang out. Also I have to find his Trident so he isn't standing around not holding anything. Right now he is keeping his eye on these:

Yup, soon the roses will bloom & hopefully smell really rosy. I wonder what color they will be.....

Stay tuned to see what happens to this!

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  1. the robin's eggs are so cool! I do wish animals would stay away from them and they'd hatch save and sound. It's really nice of your hubby to help the neighbors... :) Love this post!