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May 15, 2011

My Kinda Sorta Living Room

 Hey Blogland! I did not want to let down my friend Crystal from Crystal's Craft Spot. I told her I would join in on the Before & After link up even though I live in the Munster's house & it is still full of antique dust that seems to reapply itself every 2-3 days. She is doing this challenge thingy:

I do not have any good pics of my living room "before" (not that any pic could be classified as good in that room) So all I have is this:

 It was darned near empty except for some junk & my mother-in-law Pat & her brother Jake. Plus the funky 75 yr old carpet that has seen better days but not in a very long time!

Since then, the carpet has been pulled up. It has been dusted from top to bottom (more than once) & my mother-in-law & her brother are not in there anymore. Please note that I adore my mother-in-law & the Hub's side of the family & they can be in my living room at any time & that is okay by me.

Now, remove dust & spider webs & add some furniture:

 There is my new old lamp sitting on an antique end table that belonged to my Great Aunt Eva.  ( I was trying to NOT get my funky love seat in the photo)

Add an entertainment center that is too small for the TV, Kermit the Frog who usually sits on my bicycle wine rack which has not been put out yet. Some curtain rods to the left & a lonely stool to the right.

My other new old lamp sitting atop on of the crates we found in the basement that I redid. My wicker large thingy, funky curtains that soooo have to go & a chair to the right that is yes, piled with blankets & pillows as my son just moved up this way & I had his family of 5 to find sleeping spots for.

Toss in a blurry shot
Don't look too hard at this photo or you will see the horrible wood floor that needs to be put out of my misery. Since you are looking when I asked you not too, you can see where the old carpet was & that the floor under the carpet had never been finished. Just the surrounding flooring had been done.

Throw in an antique coffee table that matches the end table (both were my Great Aunts), a nasty brownish sort of carpet that is "just for now" until we get something better. The table needs some TLC & a way to keep my tan cat from laying on it & shedding.

Add Ramses on the back of the love seat & my living room is complete for now.

Did not have time as of yet to get too much accomplished. My son, as I mentioned has moved up here & before his move his vehicle took a dump. They are now trying to get settled in with no car. I followed him when he took the moving truck back so he had a ride home from the place. (not local)

There he is in the truck up ahead. I have also taken them to the grocery store cause you gotta have food! Been busy trying to help them out. I do not mind it cause they are up here now & not in Florida so far away ( & warm).

Did I mention it is raining again? 
Thanks to Crystal for hosting this link up!
( I warned you Girl that I was unprepared!)

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  1. Thanks for linking up. I enjoyed looking in to your living room and seeing all of the neat items you have (Like that first lamp-love it). Also how fun to have your family close by, I'm sure you will love it.

  2. It's so awesome that your sons family is close now. My daughter and her family live like 2000 miles away, and I know how it is with the grands being so far away.

    We had an old house that needed lots of love. The wood floors were hideous, but my hubby refinished them and they were beautiful. I had a love hate relationship with that 1oo+ year old house! Great makeover you are doing!

  3. I love the kitten pic!!! I, too, have run into that same wood floor situation - who in his right mind refinishes a floor around the edges of a rug??? Dolts!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope you can help me spread the word on an upcoming event on my blog:
    Hope to see you there. Following you now.

  5. I had that same floor problem when we took out the Pepto Bismal pink carpet that was gracing our home! I think you've done a TON of work, you at least have a spot to flop with a glass in hand at the end of the day, and you know we're all pulling for you.

    Plus, you have a lot of potential blog posts. Bright side.

  6. @Life in Rehab

    I could sure use a Bright Side Sunny....Thanks Girl!