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The Witch's New Year- Oct. 31st.

August 23, 2011

A 1930 Model A Ford & The Avon Meeting (translation-getting nothing done)

 Hi Blogland! I have been mega super busy & have not made anything for a while now. I have to tell you that I am going through the D.T.'s & it is not a pretty site! I have to start one of my many projects or finish one of my many projects real soon or I'm gonna totally freak out here in cyber space. Okay, I have that off of my chest & feel better now.

 Yesterday at work a gentleman came in that collects & restores old autos. He had told me about some of his "babies" before & I was excited when he said he would drive one to the store one day so I could check it out.  He came in the store & made his purchases & told me to look out the front window. I did & I saw this beauty:

 This is a 1930 Model A Ford. The owner is still doing some stuff to her yet so she is not totally restored but don't she look sweet?

 Gotta love the little American Flags she is sporting for her jaunt around Uniontown!

 Hmmm...I wonder if she has "junk" in her trunk!
That is the owner of the car standing by the drivers door. Such a nice man to have brought a bright spot to my day.

 He told me to hop in the front seat & give him the camera! I am styling here people.....

After work I poofed home for a bit & then headed off to my first Avon meeting here in PA.

 I was pondering as to what could be in these S.W.A.G. bags & being a new Avon Rep. here in the area, I got to find out cause I got one! It was full of awesome samples & great sales tools to help boost my business.

 Loved the Mrs Albee sketches the District Manager had in her office.

 Mrs. Albee was the first Avon Lady

Wickedly glamorous

 Here is a photo of the real Mrs. Albee. She was the first sales rep appointed in 1886 by The California Perfume Company. Mrs Albee went door to door selling the perfume line. Actually she traveled by horse & buggy & by train all over the Northeast United States. The company changed it's name to Avon in 1939.

I raise my cup of morning "Nectar of the Gods" to Mrs Albee. 

Gotta go. I am in a hurry to get back to getting nothing accomplished!

Oh but hey! I did finally get my products I so desperately needed so I am on my way to younger looking skin. Avon has a new cream coming out in September that will knock your green & black striped socks off. I can't wait to get a jar of that stuff in my hands. Gonna start my online store soon as an E-Rep.

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