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August 21, 2011

Summer Fun So Far & Turf Wars

 Hey Blogland! How has your Summer been so far? We had our Summer start off with a bang here in good old Mayberry Uniontown, PA. It is starting to wrap up on a much calmer note. Things started off with a "turf war" between two Ice Cream Trucks. Yup, you read that right. The two Ice Cream Truck drivers here in Uniontown were having an all out war here in the Mountains.

 Well, technically it all started a bit before the official start of Summer. Late May to be exact. The drivers in question were trying to run each other off of the road & other such lovely things. Guess you could say the drivers were having a "melt down".

 Then, a week or so later things quieted down because one of the vendors "lost his cool" & landed behind bars for breaking into his boss's home & trying to attack the guy with a baseball bat over a money dispute. This is a true story my kiddies! The link to that story is hereRecent reports are that most of the charges have been dropped but the guy had spent more than a month in jail prior to being released. And here I had thought that the Ice Cream Truck drivers had made "nice, nice" cause I heard no more about the "turf wars".

 Yup, these were the people dealing with the children of Uniontown on a one to one basis. Who has been selling ice cream to your little ones? Do you really know? Kinda freaky ain't it?

So......how has your Summer been so far?  Hmmmmm?

Oh, I hear the Ice Cream Truck coming, playing the same flippin' song over & over. Gotta go grab a dollar or two & a can of mace cause I wants me some ice cream!
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  1. We FINALLY have had beautiful weather here! We hit 80* two days in a row the last couple of days!!

    I'm your newest follower!!