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August 3, 2011

Me & My Broom & I Could Have Slept In

 Morning Blogland. I hope everyone out there is well rested today. I could have slept in a bit today as I do not have to be at work until 3pm today. The surprise here is that it was not my Broom who woke me but the Hubs. He for some reason likes to roll over & put one of his pillows right in front of my face blocking any air I might get. Don't get me wrong, the pillow is not cutting off oxygen, just any cool air I might have gotten. With hot flashes that pop up at any time & darned near make me sick to my stomach, my hot flashes do not require help! If I am on my back the Hub's pillow will be right next to my head & I warm up instantly. Maybe this will help keep me warm come winter but right now it is a pain in the #@%! So, my Broom was happy to see me stomping down the stairs & heading towards the coffee pot. He let me have 3 cups this morning before dancing excitedly by the back door wanting to take off.

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