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The Witch's New Year- Oct. 31st.

August 29, 2011

My One Year Anniversary

Hey Blogland. I wanted to share something with you today. It proves that I too am a human being & can suffer the same things everyone else does. The thing I am talking about today is Cancer. Yup the big C. It does not discriminate according to religion or race or nationality. Wednesday the 31st marks one year since my last surgery. My first surgery was in May 2010 for cervical cancer. I thought I was home clear after that only to find out that I also had uterine cancer & not only that, but he remaining outer area of my cervix was still harboring cancer cells & that had to be removed along with a giant chunk of my vaginal canal.

 Head rush to say the least. I was blown away.

 I don't wear this survivor thing on my sleeve (or shirt front as pictured in the above photos). I normally keep kinda quiet about it & if you know me at all you know that is a rare thing indeed. (me quiet? ha!)

I have yet to find a doctor up here to go to. Call me chicken if you want. About this, yup I am a chicken. I know I need to find a doctor & go. I am now three months overdue for my quarterly check up. The Hubs is on my case to get to a doctor. I myself know I need to go. I am dragging my heels this time & I am not sure why. Do I worry about it? Oh yeah, I worry. But seeing as my entire female inside parts have been ripped out of me, I wonder what I am worrying about. There is nothing else left to take. I told my doctor in Florida to take both ovaries too since they were next on the list to go funky on me. I did not want a zipper installed to make things easier for future removals. Guess I am just a bit bummed & feeling sorry for myself. Gotta snap out of it & move on. Thanks for letting me vent......I feel better now but still not reaching for the phone book to find a doctor in the area just yet.

Sorry Hubby.

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  1. OK So today(Aug. 29) is my hubbys birthday, so I will forever associate this date with your 1 year anniversary. Please find a Dr. to go get a check up. I know how hard it is to find a new good doctor. Please try. Thank you.