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August 18, 2011

Me & My Broom & I Am Finally An Avon Rep Again!

Morning Blogland! Tis I your favorite Witch & I ooph! Oh yeah, my Broom is here too! I detest when he jabs me in the side with his bristles like that. But, I was ignoring him. He is all excited about where we went this morning. But before I tell you of our travels I want to fill you in on my past week. I finally signed on with Avon on the 8th of this month. So happy to be back selling the products. (not to mention I was almost out of everything I use) I was lucky to be appointed to District 4397 here in PA. My Leadership Rep, Sharon (Hi Sharon!.....sending finger waves) & my District Manager Deborah are  wickedly awesome. As you know I cannot do too much of anything without major drama. So it happened with this. It seems my account in Florida had never been properly closed out & had ended up going into collections (my head is hidden in shame) but that was a computer error or some such thing & with the help of Deborah & Sharon & my District Manager from Florida, Jackie, all is now sunshine & rainbows & I can start the magick of transforming my face into a younger version of me! (I know I should try to look like someone else maybe....I'm good with the spells but not that good!) I hope to get my E-store up & running soon. I will of course post about that & let all of my Blogland Peeps know about that.

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  1. YEA for you being back in the saddle ummm should I say broom...hehe...again with Avon. Girl..you are a beauty so stop that nonsense talk.


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    Hope you have a great day.