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August 11, 2011

Wickedly Haunted Thursdays


 Hey Blogland! Your resident Witch in charge here at Wiccan Make Some Too is starting a new series for her blog. Yup, you figured it out! It is called Wickedly Haunted Thursdays. I have a list of stuff to share with all of you but if you have a haunting story from your area or somewhere you have been, be sure to send it to me & I will gladly post it! Lets get this puppy started with a Wicked Haunting from where? Uniontown PA.! Yup, right here in my new town.

 Fayette County Courthouse
Uniontown, PA.


Uniontown was founded on July 4,1776 by Henry Beesen. The Courthouse was built in 1892 &  legend has it that people were hung from the balcony of the Clock Tower.

 As the story goes, the last man to be hung from the Clock Tower balcony claimed to be innocent. Apparently, the executioner was in a hurry & asked the condemned  man for his last words 5 minutes early cause I guess he had someplace to be. The man was upset of course & claiming his innocence & the fact that he was to be shorted out of an extra 5 minutes of life he cursed the Clock Tower saying that all four clocks on the tower would always be five minutes slow. ( I for one would have said something a little more menacing towards whoever it was that let me take the rap for them for whatever the crime was ) Numerous attempts at fixing the clocks have been useless. They still run five minutes slow.

What is odd is that before knowing the story of this curse, the Hubs & I were driving by the Courthouse & the Hubs commented that the clocks all seemed to be functioning. I checked my watch & cell phone for the correct time. I remember telling him that yes the clocks did work but they were five minutes slow.............creepy.

Do you have a Haunted Place you want to share about or maybe you know of a place & would rather I check it out? Let me know my Blogland friends. Until next time!

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