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August 18, 2011

Wickedly Haunted Thursdays

 A wicked Thursday to you all out there in Blogland. It's time once again for Wickedly Haunted Thursdays......

Today I am sharing with you the haunting story of the Gates of Hell, right outside of Uniontown, PA. Legend has it that one night a husband went totally insane & killed his wife, set fire to their house & then killed himself. Many people have visited the gates at night when the paranormal activities are at their peak.

Visitors at night have reported hearing demonic type laughter & orbs such as in this photo floating in the areas behind the gate. The original gate was made of wrought iron but sadly had been vandalized over the years to the point that this newer set of gates was installed.

A bit behind the new gate you can see the posts of the original gate. People have felt the presence of two spirits. One is said to be laid back & trouble free. The other is said to feel quite evil.  The surrounding woods have over the years reclaimed most of the original drive that led up to the burned down house.

Lots of midnight visitors to the gates have reported hearing voices & seeing smoke or orbs of light floating about. Some have experienced car trouble once they got the vibe to get out of the area.

Would you visit at night?

What makes a man snap & kill his wife & then turn the gun on himself? Inner demons or did he maybe get an evil push?

Tell me of any haunted places you know of or if there is a haunting story you would like for me to check out. 

Until next time my Blogland friends!

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  1. I am so intrigued by ghost stories... we went on a ghost tour in Key West it was fun! I have had a few "experiences" myself : ) Thanks for stopping by and linking up for Thursday's Friends Cafe!

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