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The Witch's New Year- Oct. 31st.

August 28, 2011

Italian Festival- Uniontown, PA.

 Hey Blogland! Hope that Hurricane Irene wasn't too mean to all of you. We did not get any rain here in Uniontown. We had an Italian Festival blow through instead. The Hubs had to work so I had him drop me off downtown on his way to work. I hung around a bit, took some photos,  munched on some tasty stuff & walked back home. Had a great time except when I had to climb the mountain side on the way home. (ok...it was a hill but to me, coming from  Florida  where it is flat, it was a mountain side) I knew I should have brought my Broom but people kinda look funny at us sometimes & he is mega sensitive if you haven't noticed by now.

 I'm just gonna show you some pics & I will comment one some that I have some comments about. Sound fair?
Cool...here we go, on to the Festival!

 Some overheated ice cream

The haunted clock tower kept an eye on things

Mark Twain & a friend

 Found the Hub's Uncle Jake while walking around. We sat down & ate our pasta together.

Owner of Pasta Lorenzo's cooking my dinner.

 My bowl of delectables

 My ice cream cone ( had that before the pasta.....I have my priorities straight)

Yup...an Elvis impersonator trying to sing like Frank Sinatra with a mouth full of rocks.....priceless

I signed up for this!

Steelers stuff

Stuff that makes me sneeze

"I said stop texting & look! You never pay attention when you've been drinking. "

Behind these ladies & baby is a faux house. Yup it is a prop. It sits on Main Street. I noticed it when we first moved here. The downstairs windows open too!

A sandwich with it's own first name!


I liked these, Now the plan is to remove & paint every window in my house.
(wishful thinking)

This guy was pretty good.

Thanks for letting me share with you. Had some video but blogger is not feeling very well today & is not co-operating with me. Later, I promise.

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