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August 1, 2011

Crafting By The Book

Hey Blogland! Happy August 1st to all of you out there. I wanted to show you what I did to an old funky book that had gotten water logged at one time. I was gonna toss it but I thought, "what the hey....I'm a see if there is anything on the interwebz that I can do with this". You guessed it....I found something at a site called Earth 911.

I started off by laying my funky book on a piece of thin cardboard & marked the top & bottom so I had my size for my template. I then drew an outline of half a vase shape.

 Then I cut that out with a box cutter. I made sure to keep a small cutting board under my project at all times. Did not want to carve the shape into my dinning room table.

 With that done I placed my template on the first page of the book & started cutting around my template with the box cutter.

You can slice through several pages at one time. My book had 507 pages so you kinda want to go with a thicker book if you can. Try to find a damaged book at a yard sale or something so you are not mutilating a decent readable book. Cause that would be a crime almost.

 Make sure your box cutter or craft knife is sharp or your pages will rip a bit. The pages will start looking like this after you have cut through enough pages. It is taking on the shape pretty well.

I had to hot glue the book spine a bit after I removed the front & back covers cause this baby was damaged quite a bit. Then I glued the first & last pages together & started painting it .............purple! Yes, would you have ever guessed that?

Here it is still in a bit of a rough state. Gotta clean her up a bit & then place her in her spot. More to come on that.

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  1. cool idea! thanks for stopping by and leaving your kind words on my red spraypainted chair :)

  2. I really like the idea of using old books as art. Can never bring myself to throw away a book.

  3. What a great idea! You can pretty much find a use for everything these days, eh? Thanks so much for linking up to The Creative Spark. Hope to see you again on Tuesday night!
    Jenn :)