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December 30, 2010

Chocolate Chip Cookies- Extend A Batch Version

 Howdy Hi Blogland from the frozen tundra of Florida.  Before I share my Extend A Batch secret with you I wanted to show all of you what the Florida landscape looks like when we have a freeze. It looks like this:

 & this:

 & of course, this:

 This is how people try to keep their plants alive during a freeze in Florida.
 Now, on to this:

 As you can see from the above photo, these chocolate chips cookies are not bursting with chocolate chips. I do not like them that way & do not make them that way. So that is how everyone eats them around here.

I follow the recipe on the back of the chocolate chip bag but I double everything except the amount of chocolate chips. I use one bag for a double batch. I know some if not all of you are going' "what is your problem"? Well in my opinion & yes you are all entitled to my opinion, making the single recipe with an entire bag of chocolate chips is a waste of time. There are too many chips in the cookies. You might as well just place a bowl of the chocolate chips on the counter & say, "Here are your chocolate chip cookies".  So, give it a shot my Blogland friends. You will be surprised. There are the "bursts" of chocolate yummyness & you also as an added bonus get to taste the cookie part itself! Yes, they are better this way. I also use the recipe & instead of using the chocolate chips, I add peanut butter. This makes an awesome peanut butter cookie. But again, try it yourself & let me know. 

Some pointers from me:
I melt my shortening & butter in the microwave. Not to the point of boiling but to the point of creamy. Make sure it is cool enough before adding the eggs cause nobody wants scrambled eggs in their cookies. If you do you are just weird! Having the shortening & butter like this makes the whole batter easy to mix. If you have a bum right arm like I do it is an added plus.

Beat your eggs before adding them to the shortening & butter mixture to save yourself from chasing those pesky yolks around the bowl.

Always make sure you pack down the brown sugar & brake up any clumps that are there before adding it to the mixture. It just makes sense. Enjoy your cookies!

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  1. This is the same thing my parents do here in Northern California. Mostly to the tropical plants that need the warmth but I thought it was funny/goofy too!