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The Witch's New Year- Oct. 31st.

December 7, 2010

I'm Back To Work!

 Finally, the day has come that I am once again among the employed! It's my first day back to work since the last cancer surgery. The surgery was on August 31st but I had been feeling too funky to work since the end of June. Plus everyone told me I needed to rest up for the surgery & not be too worn out. But now I can finally consider myself as one of the "regular folk" again. Unfortunately the uniform shirt color does not really do wonders for my complexion.

But I am not complaining. I am glad that I got a job as a server again & did not have to start back managing restaurants again. I did that for five years at a busy place on the Gulf of Mexico. I had no life, missed my oldest grandson's first three birthday cause I was always working & was generally miserable. I love being the lowly peon. I come to work, do my gig & go home. None of the headaches & I can make just as much if not more than those who are in management at some places. Thanks to Tony for hiring me & thanks to my friend Patty for getting me the job. So if you are in Largo, Florida & you want some great food come see me at Rocky's Neighborhood Diner on Walsingham Rd. I am working evenings right now & go in at 4pm. But hey, anytime of day the food is great!
Do not fear oh wonderful followers Wiccan Make Some Too will not change or suffer in any way due to my being back among the employed.

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  1. I wish you a great come back! Congrats!!!!:)

  2. Girl, what cancer, I am so happy you are all better, YOU ARE ALL BETTER right?? I HATE CANCER, sucks, a bog fat one.

    Well, sorry for that vent, but I am happy you are working again, if thats what you want to be doing :) Being a lowly peon def has its advantages though, like not missing grandsons bday. he he.

    Bella :)

  3. Beth...Congrats on the job and BIG HUGS that you are feeling so much better. I so don't agree with you and the color....you would look wonderful in any color...you shine to much for anyone to notice what color you have on ^_^


  4. Sounds like a very happy return to a less-stress job - and healthy to boot! Congrats on both!