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The Witch's New Year- Oct. 31st.

December 25, 2010

Have You Seen Me?

 Has anyone in Blogland seen my Broom? He went missing early yesterday morning when I refused to get up at 2am to go flying over Blogland.

The Broom has taken off before but never for this long. Usually he goes just  down the  road to hang out with the Spanish Moss. (which used to surprise me cause I did not know he knew Spanish) The Hubs & I have checked all over the neighborhood & even questioned the mop & our next door neighbor's rake but so far so sign or info on his whereabouts. This really has me worried cause my Broom loves all the Holidays. He never has missed one before. Please contact me if you see him anywhere in Blogland.

 Heading over to my son Shannon's house to visit with him & his family today. I will be checking my blog over at his house to see if anyone has seen or heard anything concerning the Broom. 
I hope you all have a Happy Holiday. I will attempt to but will be wondering about my Broom.

Merry Humbug!

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  1. Found you via Sunny @ Life in Rehab :) Love the blog! Merry Christmas (and Happy Yule a little late of course also)

  2. beautiful