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December 5, 2010

Gotta Get Ready For A Move

Oh friends in Blogland I will be moving in April.  "Whats the problem with that". you say? We will be moving from the Land Of Warm (Florida) to the Land Of Oh Kripes Its Freakin' Freezing. The Hubs & I will be moving to Pennsylvania. Eeeek! Yes I will have to become Nanook of the North. My son is planning on moving his family into the same area we will be heading to so that much is a comfort. Plus we will be only 3 1/2 hours away from my mother-in-law & from where my 2 daughters live with their husbands. I was so happy to move to Florida 13 yrs ago cause I could not handle the cold winters in Maryland where I grew up. Now, after my blood has had 13 yrs to get even thinner I know I will freeze my #%* off!  I will have to get a whole new winter wardrobe & I hate to shop for clothes. Yes, I said it. It makes me a freak I know but I have always hated trying things on. As it stands now my winter wardrobe consists of one pair of jeans & some sweatshirts that belonged to The Hubs before we moved down to Florida. All my turtle necks, sweaters, gloves, scarves & things like that have all either disappeared or have long ago been discarded into the rag pile. I will be leaving this:

For this:

Don't get me wrong friends. I love the snow. When its on a freakin' calendar! My 3 Florida grandchildren will love it I am sure, once they get adjusted to their hands & feet freezing. They have never played in the snow before. My other granchild, Carson  has spent his 3 yrs so far playing in the snow so he is used to it. I will be learning how to hibernate I promise you that! Alas I will have to bid my Land Of Warm farewell & also the hopes of being warm at all before Spring thaw. (sigh) This should turn out to be quite a journey as I can do nothing without a touch of dramatic flair.

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  1. Hi Beth,

    Ah, the Florida pic looks warm and cosy! I wouldn't mind escaping all this snow we are having here in Sweden right now.

    But I'm sure you'll get use to the weather changes and have some freezing fun in the snow, instead of in the sand :-p

    Take care,

  2. Oh no! I live in Michigan and yeah it is really cold right now! The snow is pretty and I like to enjoy it from the inside! :) I hope all goes smoothly!!

  3. I like our Alabama snow... it snows once every year or two or 5... sticks for a couple of hours and is gone before sunset. As a born & raised midwesterner, I don't miss the shoveling or driving in it.

  4. There had better be jewelry involved. Lots of it. And a crowbar.