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December 11, 2010

Gonna Hire A Broom Wisperer

 Oh, morning Blogland. Still trying to get the goopies out of my eyes.  Another early wake up from the Broom again. This is really hitting critical stage here. Wonder where I can find a Broom Whisperer? I know my Broom is upset at the change around the house what with me going back to work & all. The furries are having a hard time with it too. Poor Ramses sets up a watch at the front window about an hour before I am due home. D'Artagnon sits & stares at me with an accusing look & when Bandit D. Bunny sees me come home his ears pop up & he dances around a bit until I pet & love him for a while. Everyone will have to settle into the routine eventually. But my Broom is the only one getting me up early to cruise around Blogland. So, I think I need a Broom Whisperer. I wonder which one of our like 30 phone books I should look in? Or maybe I will call my Container Snowman & ask if he has heard of one in his travels.

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