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December 12, 2010

Working on a Snow Globe

 Good day to you Blogland! I am working on a Snow Globe. I had this vision in my mind but I guess my mind's eye is on a different wave length than reality cause it needs some tweaking. First off I got this supposedly "high tech good quality glue" that is supposed to work on all kinds of things including glass. Well they should have said excluding glass & string.  I tried to glue some tiny glittery icicle thingys to the inside top of of my Snow Globe but that was a failure. So, I took it from there. Actually it is a non-shakey Snow Globe. I just call it that cause I used some spray snow. Okay, started with this stuff: (well, not the red ribbon. That just snuck on into the shot. I promise this will end up looking much better.

Got the idea from Sunny's version over at Sunnys Life in Rehab
(hers looks way better)

Sorry the photo came out pretty blurry but this is a gingerbread cookie I got from Dollar Tree today. I also snagged a red glass candle stand & bowl thingy. Plus other stuff I will not bore you with that all total came to $30.00. But for this project it was only $3.00

I glued the gingerbread house cookie to the bottom of the candle stand. Yea, I turned this thing upside down. You know cause I work that way.  The top of the glass bowl fight right into the raised feet of the candle stand. But before I attached the bowl ,I sprayed some fake snow around the gingerbread house.

I also sprayed some on the the inside of the bowl top. You have to make sure the spray snow dries before attaching the bowl so there is no moisture to cause the gingerbread house to grow mold & turn mega funky. Once dried I attached the glass bowl top.

Ok these pictures pretty much bites like a big dog & my Snow Globe needs more work. Plus it actually looks pretty cool in real time but these photos, yea, they bite.

I may crack the globe open & add some more stuff inside & maybe more spray snow around the top of  the bowl. But really, it does look much, much better in person.

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  1. Wait, seriously, Beth! Using that cookie is such a genius idea! It's too cute, and I love letting somebody else do the finicky work for me. "Bite like a big dog" - hee!

  2. Very cute and creative!
    Thanks for linking this as well.

  3. My sister & I used to make things like this when we were at my grandmothers. We'd use old jars but I remember one year my sister made one that looked like yours (with a gingerbread man though) for my gramma for xmas :)

  4. Very pretty, I like it.

    Thanks for linking up girl!!

    Bella :)