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The Witch's New Year- Oct. 31st.

December 24, 2010

Our Christmas Lights

 Well my friends, my inside decorating did not go as planned since my entertainment center is in the garage & I have a dresser in my living room because of the new TV being too large for the entertainment center. The cats are having fun with it though. (sigh) So I have a few pics to share with all of you wonderfully inside your house decorated people. I present to you some of our outside decor & my tree. One of our inflatable snowmen sadly did not make it to be included in this years outside holiday display. His motor went kaput & we had to send him off to the dump a better place.

 I have no idea why the snowman in this snow globe is obsessed with his feet this year. Plus he is making the poor lollipops stare at them too. Notice the lack of snow in the globe? Have to get more cause the Hubs left the back open & when it was plugged in it snowed foam pellets all over that part of the yard. ( guess we can say we had snow!)

 This is a shot of our oldest inflatable in our side yard. This guy has been around for quite a while. Yup, made from sturdier stock than the one we lost.

 He has a great smile don't you think? He likes to stand behind the fence since he is tall enough to see over it.

A new addition this year. Lighted candy canes for Bandit D. Bunny's weed bed.

 Our tree & some of the gifts. My husband is a last minute wrapper. Some of the things I got for him are not out & under the tree yet because he is a sneak peeker & have to keep some stuff away from his prying eyes.

Alas, my gazzilion Santas did not make it out of their boxes this year along with the Holiday Village I made a few years ago, plus a ton of other stuff.  Hubs did not want to pull all the stuff out & I cannot get the boxes from the garage attic. He is such a Grinch (until it comes to getting gifts) So I am very happy that I got to see a lot of the decorations all of you put up in your houses. Thanks for sharing those with me.

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