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The Witch's New Year- Oct. 31st.

December 5, 2010

I Had a Storage Problem!

 Yup, I had me a storage problem guys but I fixed it! (for now) My crafting supplies were causing a bit of a problem. Well, my paints were. I had to figure a way to keep them organized & stop them from falling over & just you know, wandering all over the house. So I came up with a solution. I got an empty soda 12 pk box (yup I'm working with the trash here again my people) , some cardboard & 3 medium sized fake margarine spread containers.

 I cut the cardboard to fit inside my soda box for extra durability & hot glued it into place. Then outside we went to the spray it up area & sprayed it up!

I used the spray paint that is designed for plastic cause I wanted my plastic containers to turn out good & because I had some left over from when I redid some lawn furniture a couple years ago. It took to the soda box well too. Gives it a bit of texture. Once that all dried I bought my pieces back in the house & hot glued the plastic containers into the soda box. It looked like this. Well, exactly like this:

I put my paints in with their butts facing out so I can see the color & my storage problem is solved!

I know it kinda looks like my paints are ready to tumble out of there but really they are not.
Getting ready to make another one. But looking out the window this morning it looks like I gotta hold off on my spray painting for a while cause now it is raining. I suppose I could do my painting in the garage but the cats will want to help & I don't want to fry their brains with paint fumes.  Had a lot I wanted to get done today too. (sigh) If you ever need rain in your area, plan a cookout & invite me. You will see rain like you have never seen before! I just seem to have luck like that. Some people have one of those days, I have one of those lives.

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