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The Witch's New Year- Oct. 31st.

December 20, 2010

In The Kitchen Doing Kitchen Stuff

 I had the day off today Blogland! I was so freakin' happy bout that & I have tomorrow off too. Yup feel like I won  the lottery or something. Actually one of the servers was looking for some more time to make some $'s for the holiday & being the giving person that I am, I gave her one of my shifts. Actually I offered her two but she only wanted one. (sigh...can't win em all) So today I was in the kitchen making fabulous yummy nummies for the holiday. Not too sure what you would call these. I have been making them for 3 yrs now as part of my holiday munchables collection. They remind me of the Tandy Cakes from Tasty Cake. You use Ritz crackers ( or a cheaper knock off like I use) Peanut Butter  (sorry, gotta keep it quality here) & Chocolate Bark Coating. ( you can use chocolate chips if you want, I just prefer the other stuff)

 Slather the Peanut Butter on the Ritz type cracker. I use the "tops" for the middle & the flatter side for my outsides. But hey there is no written law on this so go with what you like best.

Put your "lids" on

 I get my Peanut Butter crackers assembled first & have them in a big pile waiting to be dipped. Melt your chocolate in a double boiler or make one with a smaller pan setting in a larger pan with water (don't let it boil over) I do not have a shot of the crackers being coated as that takes two hands & I alas do not have a third hand to hold the camera. Make sure they are coated good with the melted chocolate. Balancing your chocolate covered creation on one spoon, lightly scrape off some of the chocolate so it is just covered & not a drippy mess. Lay them on some wax paper to cool.

Once they cool & the chocolate is hard, kick back with a cup of tea in your office & enjoy one or two before everyone else gobbles them gone!


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  2. My mom likes to make these. Thanks for linking this up as well.

  3. Yummy, I make a similiar version with the mini ritz snadwiches and almond bark. These things go fast! Thanks for linking up!