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The Witch's New Year- Oct. 31st.

December 27, 2010

Facebook Games

Hello out there Blogland friends. Today I am on a mission to right some wrongs. Do you play Facebook games but are too afraid to ask your "cool" friends to be your neighbor? Are you stuck on a small parcel of land in Frontierville , in a cramped restaurant in Cafe World or a way too small bustling community in Cityville cause you need neighbors & friends to help you out but no one is answering your cries for help? Well we can band together my fellow Blogland Facebook game addicts.

 If your Frontierville land looks like mine with buildings piled up on top of each other, unfinished cause you can't get that level or window or membership to the Jackalope lodge.

 Or if your Cityville City looks like this & no one is answering your pleas for zoning permits or letting you develop your franchises.

Or if your  Cafe World restaurant is packed with unfinished crates & you can't make your restaurant bigger because you don't have the required amount of neighbors & you only want to ask each person in your Facebook friends list a gazillion times before you give up:

I Have A Plan!


 We can band together! Yes...we can help each other out. I don't care if I don't play your game, I will join in & become your neighbor so you can stop being backed up against that Facebook game wall. I can even direct others to you who do play the game you play so you can have more neighbors!
There are no "hidden fees" my friends or extended warranty to buy. We can do this together!

Just email me at wiccanmakesometoo@tampabay.rr.com & put the name of the Facebook game you need friends  for in the subject line. Also in your email I will need your name on Facebook so I can send the right person (you) a friends request. Also add if you would like to be connected with others who play your same game so you can get even more neighbors! I will be joining you in your game & become your neighbor so you can advance even if I don't play the game. I am in Mafia gangs in Mafia Wars even though it is not a game & I have a farm in Farmville too that I do not hang out at. But I do send things to my "neighbors" in those games when they need it & request it. I play just to help out my friends. We can band together & make Facebook games a fun place to be. Lets get this ball rolling people! 

So if you email me your info, look out for a friends request from Beth Adams (me) with a facebook picture that looks like this:

Have fun my friends!

Don't forget to leave a comment. I love hearing from cool folks like yourself.
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  1. that is too cute those games do kill you like that, i only just managed to beat the habit :D

    new follower

  2. This is a great idea, I hope you gather some lonesome gamer peeps this way! I haven't tried it, but have watched a friend Farmvilling (is that a verb) and it looks really fun.