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The Witch's New Year- Oct. 31st.

December 12, 2010

Did You Know That There Are NO Broom Whisperers?

 Did you know that?  Went through a bunch of phone books & searched online. Event the Container Snowman could not find anyone in his travels through Blogland. (sigh) I guess I am on my own with this but once I get it figured out I sense a new business opportunity. I could open a school to train Broom Whisperers. Got a great name picked out for it already (yea I am thinking one day I can get the Broom under control). You ready?......I'd call it "Wiccan Train Some Too" Not sure why I like that name, kinda catchy don't ya think? Anyway, before I went to bed last night I left this picture up on my computer screen from Kentucky Broom Lady with a note attached to the monitor that said "Mom would like one of these for a gift this year".

How did that work out you ask? Ever get woken up with a broom straw being jabbed in your ear drum? Yea, thats how that worked out.
So after some coffee we headed out under cloudy conditions today.



  1. Well you kind of got what you wanted....right?

  2. Hey I like that; those are some cool lookin' brooms! And thanks so much for the comment you left about my Scrabble Christmas jewelry. Sorry I missed the Saturday post; I can try to remember to do it this Saturday if that's ok?...my memory's not the best...:)