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The Witch's New Year- Oct. 31st.

December 22, 2010

Santa Hat For Jessica

 My granddaughter, Jessica or Girly Girl or Pirate Princess or Miss Thing as she is called, is getting a Santa Hat from her grandmama this year. One that fits her to a tee. Here is a shot of her wearing a little too big for her Raiders hat.

 So, grandmama (me) got her a little pink Santa Hat but it was not quite right for Jessica. See...here it is, boring & not fit for a Pirate Princess.

 So I got these Skull stick ons from Michael's Crafts. Yes, they are glittery but sadly the wrong color.

I painted some of them purple.Thats an official Girly Girl, Pirate Princess color & applied some more glitter.

Once they were dry I shook off the excess glitter & peeled the backs off . But to be on the safe side I also hot glued them into place. Now I have a Santa Hat fit for a Miss Thing, Girly Girl, Pirate Princess!  A girl has to have the right hat.

Can't wait to get a shot of her wearing this.

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